What so many of these books

What so many of these books, films and shows tap into is the idea of stone as a vessel. In these works, stone becomes something that can hold not just magic or energy – talismans on a vast scale – but time itself. There is an immediate truth to this. Strip away the fantastical parts, and what you have is an accurate reflection of a material that carries its history in its make-up. Wandering around the Stonehenge exhibition at the British Museum, it is clear how much one can glean from stone. It's not just about how it is shaped, whether as a sculpture or a spearhead, but what it betrays of itself: its mineral content, its age, its precise geographical origins. It's how we now know that those who built Stonehenge found a way to transport those Welsh bluestones more than 200 miles to the Wiltshire countryside. We just had to learn to read the evidence.

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